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Supply of Industrial Equipment

We are focused on quality, technology and modernization!

Kron-CIS Gmbh (Hamburg, Germany) is a division of Kronstadt and an Industrial Equipment Distributor. Kronstadt has successfully operated in the Russian market since 1998 partnering with leading world companies. The company serves various industries including Chemical, Construction Industries, Food, Fuel, Metallurgical, Oil and Gas, Refining Complexes, Shipbuilding and Ship Repair. Leading companies such as: Gazprom, Lukoil, RUSAL, Severstal Joint Metallurgical Corporation and many others, have successfully worked with Kronstadt for many years.

Due to a strong demand for industrial equipment, Kron-CIS is seeking European manufacturers and to establish a direct dealer partnership for distribution to Russian markets.

We are searching for the following equipment:
- Diesel generators
- Diesel-driven firefighting systems Compressors
- Equipment for ship repair and ship building
- Expansion joints
- Gas powered electrical generator
- Hoisting equipment
- Industrial hose assemblies and hoses
- Power engineering industry equipment
- Pump equipment
- Reactive equipment
- Shut-off and control valves

We have a dedicated team of over one hundred sales professionals, and over a decade of experience selling to the largest companies in Russia.  Our engineers are experts at guiding clients from the order phase to operational commission. They are skilled in understanding and managing the complex levels of technical requirements for proper product utilization.

About company

Kron-CIS Gmbh provides technical consultation, planning, selection and supply of industrial equipment by leading manufacturers on territory of Germany and other countries.

We only work with largest and best-known European manufacturers of industrial equipment. Due to direct dealer contacts we can minimize..

Our beliefs

- We believe that only quality equipment is able to provide long working lifespan with minimum maintenance cost.
- Our clients should be able to choose equipment which can satisfy the most demanding request.
- Our company is in continuous development, ensuring that our clients get the most up-to-date and quality equipment..

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Kron-CIS Gmbh
E-mail: kronstadt@gmx.net

Lubecker Str. 1 22087
Hamburg, Deutschland
Phone: 49 4030 398-834; Fax: 49 40 30398835

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